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Silver Package


The wheels are cleaned with specialised wheel cleaner after a initial rinse then snow foam is applied over the top to allow a safe contact wash of the entire face of the rim and the barrels behind using soft brushes and microfibre mits to ensure no damage is caused and after they have been cleaned a layer of protection and tyre shine is applied to leave your wheels cleaner for longer 


 The vehicle is then pre washed with PH neutral snow foam and a citrus pre wash (safe on all paintwork/wraps) which breaks down all dirt and grime that sits on your vehicles bodywork to once again to ensure a safe contact wash and eliminate the chance of scratches, This is then rinsed off to allow a contact wash using the two bucket method with microfibre mits and a bodywork shampoo, Finally the vehicle is dried using filtered air and drying towels and a layer of protection is applied to repel dirt and water giving it the beading affect!


The entire interior of your vehicle is thoroughly hoovered and wiped down with a specialist cleaner to revive all surfaces removing dirt and grime from all the nook and crannies'  and the removal of any other contaminants within the interior, the glass is then cleaned and treated to leave a crystal clear and streak free finish, Finally dressings and protective layers are added to the surfaces ensuring it stays cleaner for longer and a vehicle perfume is added to leave it smelling fresh and eliminate any stubborn odours (This is our maintenance wash)

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