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What does this include?

A full wheel deep cleaned is performed using specialized chemicals to the wheel faces, barrels, calipers and arches.

Iron & tar is chemically removed before a light machine polish is carried out to boost gloss, finally protected in with a high gloss ceramic wax for a deep lustrous shine.

A powerful rain repentant is applied to the windscreen for greater visibility.

(This package is exterior ONLY)

Why choose this package?

Whether you have a car show that's coming up and you

want your vehicle to look its best, or your interior doesn't need doing but you want the exterior of your vehicle to be pristine, or you only want a package that isn't hugely time consuming as it only focuses on the exterior then this service is a great option as it allows for your vehicles exterior looks to be enhanced in a shorter time frame than some of the other packages if there's any upcoming events that day or you just only need it to look its best on the outside!


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