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Whats does this include?

This service includes the works when it comes to an interior clean as your vehicle will receive a steam clean of all surfaces and a wet vacuum extraction of seats, floor mats and boot flooring and the clean of the vehicles upholstery with the addition of a in depth scrub and brush of all hard surfaces with a dedicated cleaner, This will completely revive your vehicles interior and will leave it looking brand new whether its Alcantara which is rejuvenated or leather which is restored to its original matte looks this package will ensure the vehicles interior will be looking brand new with the final addition of an odour bomb which is circulated through the AC to leave a fresh smell behind for the next few weeks!

(This service is interior ONLY)

Why choose this package?

This package provides your vehicle with a astonishing transformation on the interior by removing stubborn stains, spills and other bits of grime which have imbedded themselves into the vehicles surfaces/carpets that can leave a nasty look but with this package all those nasties will be professionally extracted and thoroughly sanitized to leave the area cleaner than ever to restore the factory look and smelling great!


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