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Paint correction

This package includes everything from the 

First of all the entirety of the car is decontaminated using the mixture of a clay bar to remove the imbedded grime that's stuck to a vehicles paintwork and a fallout remover to extract those iron particles that have also stuck to the vehicles paintwork then specialized tools and techniques, such as a dual-action machine polisher also known as a DA , selected pad and compound combinations are used to carefully remove the imperfections such as swirls marks, holograms, light scratches and marring to finally restore the surface to a smooth, clear & extremely glossy finish. A stage 1 paint correction will improve the paintwork by 70% or more!

Ceramic coating

One of the main benefits of ceramic coating is that it creates a strong bond with the car's paint, forming a protective layer that is resistant to scratches, swirls, and other types of damage. This protective layer also makes the car easier to clean, as dirt and contaminants are less likely to stick to the surface whilst also enhancing gloss dramatically creating a smooth, reflective surface that reflects light and gives the car a "wet look" appearance. With the coating making the car easier to maintain with its self cleaning capabilities and immense water behaviour . Our stage 1 paint correction does NOT  include a ceramic coating as standard but can be added on upon request. This is highly advised as it will keep your vehicle protected for much longer and will lock in that polished finish protecting it from all road and weather elements, The options are :

1 year ceramic coating from £350

2 year ceramic coating from £400

3 year ceramic coating from £450


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